Sam Nowell (b. 1998) is a Manchester-born designer & creative. He graduated from the University Of Liverpool in 2019 & Central St. Martins in 2022 studying Architecture and is known for his tongue-in-cheek repurposing of mundane items into clothing pieces, often working with salvaged fabrics and referencing themes that defined his upbringing in a northern English town. Each item that is created by the studio is 1/1, resulting in each piece holding it's own aesthetic and story. 


Notable past collaborators include Wimbledon, Selfridges, TATE, Depop, Kyra TV & The Basement. 

Since 2020 he has worked in collaboration with Corbin Shaw (b.1998) under the name Sam Nowell vs. Corbin Shaw. Projects, exhibitions & events include but are not limited to 'Coronation', 'Branding' & 'Jubilee'. 

His studio is based in London, England.