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The 1993 Shirt is still probably one of my favourite pieces and i'd love to have it manufactured properly at some point. At the time of designing this shirt I was into all kinds of crazy prints being on shirts. Supreme have some really sick ones but it was like the 90's Moschino Gear that really caught my eye. I mean, these shirts were wild with colour and just crazy busy and i knew i wanted to do something like that but didn't know what kind of direction to take it.

It was an afternoon in early March and I was looking through this bookshelf in my house and came across this book called 'Chronicle Of 1993'. Basically it was a book that consisted of all the major news stories from the year, month by month. I flicked through and just instantly knew that this was the sort of shit I had to put on that shirt. I scanned all the crazy ones in and then printed them off in black & white and sort of arranged them over a shirt. (BOTTOM PICTURE) I kinda digged the monochrome images but knew that for this shirt to be crazy that i had to have them in colour. I resized a lot of them and then printed them onto the shirt.

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