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The Shatter Logo T Shirt was the first piece i ever 'designed'. I put it in inverted commas cause i don't think you can really call putting your initials on a T Shirt a design. I kinda knew i wanted to start making shit in December 2016. It was sort of an ongoing conversation I would have with Tom Gregson (which I am eternally thankful for). Anyway, i was pissing about just drawing stuff in a sketchbook until around February time. I was on Facetime to Sam Smith (another person i am very thankful for) & that really spurred me on to start actually physically making stuff. I got the stuff I needed and threw this design together as something simple that I could print and headed over to Danny De La Bastide's student flat. We were up all night trying to work through printing this T Shirt and finally got it done around 1:30am. I remember lying on his kitchen floor just like covered in this black Ink, exhausted.

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